Phillipstown Community Hub

Kia Ora / Welcome

The Phillipstown Hub is made up of community groups, organisations and agencies based or working towards developing/enhancing a collective/more inclusive Phillipstown.

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PCH’s Mission & Vision

To make a positive impact in Phillipstown by delivering services, activities, projects and programmes that reflect the goals of residents and help grow a strong and caring community. To be able to provide a space for activities/events to promote life changing moments. Supporting & growing our future leaders, incorporating all ethnicities & cultures, nourishing the entire community and beyond.

Charter of Values

Charter of values

We share a united vision and collective way of working as community focused groups and agencies with shared vision and values. The Hub is both a place and a strong united voice for the community.


Our purpose

We as groups work to promote individual and community well-being and to strengthen individuals, families and neighbourhoods. We support community-led involvement in grassroots initiatives and seek to promote and be part of a more caring community.

We aim at enabling and enhancing collaboration, connection and networking and collectively advocate for a permanent Community Hub in Phillipstown.

We provide and preserve significant, accessible green space for the community.


How we make a difference

We are committed to creating a well utilised permanent place in Phillipstown valued by local community.


Shared values

We recognise Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of Aotearoa New Zealand and work in partnership with Māori groups and agencies. We commit to working in a culturally appropriate way with Māori clients and communities and are committed to maintaining partnerships that advance shared aims and aspirations.


We value

  • Community voices and their aspirations by supporting and enabling the community to work together to meet their individual and shared aspirations.
  • Talking with the residents and groups on issues of interest and concern to ensure that the Hub groups are responsive to issues that affect the community.
  • Involving all the diverse people in community life.
  • Communicating with each other and the wider community in an open, clear and timely way.
  • Thinking ahead so that we are able to prepare adequately for the future.
  • We respect the beliefs, differences and values of others. Diversity is enriching and we believe that a variety of opinions and ideas will bring about a creative, innovative and welcoming hub.
  • Collaboration amongst ourselves and others to increase opportunities for greater wellbeing in Phillipstown.
  • The Hub commits to annual reviews of its achievements accordingly to established criteria and of its aims for the 12 following months.


The Groups:

  1. Sharing the Agenda of the Hub (but also the vision and the charter of values). All the Hub Based Groups include the Hub agenda, vision, mission, values and strategic plan in their agenda and policies; their mandate embraces the Hub mandate, the Hub goals are also their goals (a strong sense of purpose).
  2. Participate to the Hub events. At the end of the year (November), the Collaborative/operational Group decides the list of the Monthly Events for the following year. Apart from the Gala in November and Matariki in June or July, there is an expectation that each group leads one event and supports at least one other each year offering activities for the community.
  3. Attending the Hub Groups Meetings. Attend regular meetings and one-off workshops.
  4. Thinking collectively. Every decision or plan involving the Hub (the profile, the idea, the place, the buildings in their common spaces) is discussed collectively and requires an engagement process for a shared and common decision.
  5. Being proactive, flexible, and involved (the “leaders” and the people). Sharing responsibilities and tasks when co-organising an event, a day, a programme with the Hub (including delivering flyers, setting up and cleaning after); develop a sense of ownership on the place and feeling entitled to act for the Hub benefit (when it is not possible or it is more effective not to wait for the coordinator to intervene); participating in working bees; share expertise.
  6. Prompt reply to emails and other form of communication, prompt feedbacks; sharing the group’s calendar and events.


The Hub:

  1. is supportive, helps groups to deliver their activities at their best, creates a smooth and friendly environment both for people to work in and develop the best ideas and projects and for the community to come and enjoy them (helping with the place, the daily needs, listening to their needs and responding to them; advertising the activities, supporting with tools and instruments, supporting with funding application – information, support letter, reference);
  2. facilitates network within the Hub and outside the Hub; encourages new projects in line with the community’s aspirations, supports the trial projects as far as they are self-standing;
  3. represents all the Hub Groups, the residents, the people, advocates for a permanent Hub, works closely with institutions, organisations and groups to create link with the wider communities in Christchurch to benefit the inner east;
  4. has a clear line of communication, is prompt and effective in communicating, is clear about the expectations;
  5. is transparent about the costs and budget, is prompt in invoicing and respond to the enquiries from the Groups,
  6. is caring and open to the Groups difficulties and flexible with the particularities of the Hub Based Groups.

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Location: 39 Nursery Rd. Phillipstown, Christchurch, NZ

Telephone: 020 4069 1419 | +64 3 5952023


Office Hours: M-F: 9am - 5:30pm