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The Phillipstown Community Hub presents a 3-level framework governance model reflecting the collaborative approach empowering, in the decision-making process, all the various stakeholders contributing to the Community Hub: from the Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust to the Hub Based Groups, from the residents to the wider society.

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The Hub Vision

The Phillipstown Community Hub is the go-to-place, the gathering place, the activity place for the folk and whānau of Phillipstown and around.

The Hub’s Mission is:

✓ to respond to the identified needs of the local community by providing space to relevant people, groups and organisations; and to enable and enhance their collaboration, connection and networking;
✓ to collectively advocate for a permanent Community Hub in Phillipstown;
✓ to provide and preserve significant, accessible green space for the community.

Our outcome is for the Hub to be “a well-utilised permanent place in Phillipstown valued by local community”.

A Refined Governance Model

The refined management model – established in late 2017 – reflects the collaborative approach that shapes the whole Community Hub and empowers, in the decision-making process, all our various stakeholders: the Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust, the Hub Based Groups and our local community.

It has a 3-level framework where the Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust (which holds the Licence to Occupy with the Ministry of Education) keeps the strategic view of the Hub, the Hub Leadership Group is responsible for the tactical plan and the Hub Collaboration Group is the operational body.

Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust

The ‘Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust’ purpose is to provide a safe, caring, supportive environment to foster individual and community growth in Phillipstown (Mission Statement 1998).

The PCCCT is the supervisory body, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the Hub vision and mandate. Its composition is regulated in the deed signed the 9th February 1999. The Trustees are:
Alicia Ward, chairperson
John Lancelot Wooles, treasurer
Marie Anne Byrne
Liz Hawes
Pamela Hughes
Adam Armstrong
Christopher Chapman

Leadership Group

The Leadership Group is the tactical body and develops the tactical plan.
The composition for the Hub Leadership Group acknowledges the various stakeholders of the Hub in the following way:
– two people from the PCCCT
– two people from the Hub Collaboration Group
– up to 4 people from local society, Academia and businesses.

Hub Collaboration Group

The Hub Collaboration Group is formed by one representative from each group based at the Hub. It has operational responsibilities such as planning activities and services to empower the Tactical Plan. It is also the advisory panel for the Hub Leadership Group.

The Hub Based Groups are:
Canterbury Refugee Resettlement and Resource Centre
The Green Lab
– Te Puawaitanga Ki Otautahi
– Aviva
– Thrivina Madly
Ōtautahi Creative Spaces
– Phillipstown Community Centre Development Worker
Phillipstown Neighbourhood Policing Team
– Fitclub at the Hub Charitable Trust
– Purapura Whetu
The Muse Community Music Trust

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