Time flies!Here we are, back with our fantastic, wonderful free Community Gala!
And this year, it will be bigger, funnier and busier than ever!

Bouncy castle, face painting, balloons, ponies, mobile farms for the kids!
Pedalmania for everyone!
Stone carving workshops!
Art, pottery, music!
African drumming sessions!
Sausage sizzle!

This yeas we are proud to announce that the White Ribbon will join us in support of respectful relationships between men and women, changing the culture of family violence within our nation.

• Live Haka by LSV
• Key messages from local champions
• SPCA Dogs
• White Ribbon Riders

Please check on our fb page www.facebook.com/PhillipstownHub/ and
Newstalk ZB (1090 AM, 100.1 FM 100) for any update due to the weather conditions.

Partnered by Canterbury Family Violence Collaboration, Phillipstown Hub, Canterbury Police, and Ministry of Social Development.

Sponsored by Christchurch Airport


Elections Fun Day

Elections Fun Day

It’s the General Election Day!
Come along to the Hub!

Come to the Hub, vote and enter the draw for a Mad Butcher meat voucher ($30)!

Free food: Sausage sizzle cooked by the local Policing Team and the Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust, & for vegetarian beans ‘n rice – first come, first served 🙂

Get arty with Creative Station in Rm 5 (1.00-4.00pm) – Ōtautahi Creative Spaces
Engage with Greening the Rubble
Be entertained by the Natural Magic Pirates of New Brighton will entertain kids and adults with their shows! (from 12pm to 1.30pm)

Take advance of the election to enjoy the Hub and your neighbourhood!
Take advantage of the fun day at the Hub to vote!

As always, check our facebook page for any update or changes


“Meet your candidates” Family Day

Come and have fun at the Phillipstown Community Hub: free sausages, free music and free activities for the kids!

Saturday 19 August 2017
from 12.30 to 2.30pm

You will have the chance to meet and speak with the local candidates at the elections. Nicky Wagner from the National Party, Duncan Webb from the Labour Party, Peter Richardson from the Green Party, Nicky Snoyink from the Opportunities Party and Mei Reedy-Taane from Te Tai Tonga Maori Party be present!

Come and tell them what you want, what you needs are and what they could do for you to improve your life. Tell them directly.

Meet the volunteers from Forest & Bird and Generation Zero!

Enroll in the election at the desk of the Electoral Commission!

Engage with Greening the Rubble for the place-making of the Hub, have a sausage cooked by our fantastic Phillipstown Neighbourhood Policing Team, leave your kids play with the OSCAR leaders and enjoy the music with Tim Nash and his guitar!

We look forward to meeting you all!!


Bike Day

Phillipstown Hub Bike Day
Free event!

Saturday 27 May
from 1pm to 4pm

Bring your Bike for a Free Tune Up and enjoy the short confidence rides for adults with Go Cycle Christchurch, the Obstacle course Cycle skills training, Puncture Repair Workshop, Free Bike and Helmet adjustments, Laser Speed Testing with the Phillipstown Neighbourhood Policing Team, the Slow races – prizes for the slowest riders!, and while you are waiting, make your own bike blender smoothie & healthy snacks!

Please check on our facebook page any update due to the weather conditions!

Contact details:
020 40 69 1419 – (03) 59 52 023


Phillipstown Community Hub volunteers

Kia ora Phillipstown!
The Phillipstown Hub is rich of amazing volunteers

Phillipstown Community Hub wouldn’t be able to offer all the activities it does without the amazing volunteers who help daily with different tasks.They all are community focused, very committed and always smiling. Please, allow me to introduce some of them and, then, call in to meet them in person!

I walked into the Phillipstown Community Hub for the first time a few weeks after shifting to this side of town. I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help in the community.

WOW! What a facility we have here!

It’s huge: some of the resources they offer include groups for fitness, art, music, pottery, bicycle fixing, and that’s not including the migrant resource centre, police community hub, FREE internet cafe, OSCAR programme and the community garden.
I’ve already been along to the garden and spent a morning there. Great people, great space to come and hang out, chat, help in garden, get some produce and learn. I also found out that, if ANYONE has an idea for a group they would like to see happening, they just need to come along and have a chat with the wonderful staff. Just imagine: groups like solo parents play dates, budgeting advice, support groups, men/women groups, maybe something for the youth of our community. Its available for us ALL to use. Let’s get our thinking caps on and make the most of this wonderful facility we have in Phillipstown.


My name is Manjeet. I come from India and have been in Christchurch for 9 months where I am studying computer network engineering (Level 7). I have been volunteering for the Internet Cafe since its inception 4 months ago. I like helping people with computers, showing them how to surf the web, send emails and print their documents! I look forward to meeting you all!

Hi, I’m Chris. I’ve lived in Christchurch most of my life and have worked in Phillipstown for the past 11 years.I like volunteering at the Internet Cafe because it allows me to help out in the community. I am especially interested in helping people access government services and reliable health information.

Hello! My name is Genevieve. I am originally from Belgium. Our family moved to Christchurch in 2003, but I will never lose my French accent. I belong to the pottery group, here, in Phillipstown, and as I was a computer trainer few years back. I proposed my help to set up the Internet Cafe and help people in the local area. Please, feel free to come and see me, I am sure I would be able to help you with computer-related issues. A bientot (see you soon).

And last but not least, this is Roger, courtesy of Addington.net. 🙂
The Phillipstown Community Hub has recently signed an agreement with Addington.net. They help people who would like to learn more about Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones. Roger is here at the Hub every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 1 to 3pm and is available for anyone who would need his skills and knowledge about electronic devices!





Back to work for the community!

Kia ora Phillipstown!
We hope you enjoyed the Summer break. We had an amazing time with family and friends, but now the holidays are gone and we are back again, up and running.
Most of our groups has already back with started their activities.The year opened with our amazing School Holiday Programme: there were 19 kids playing cricket and other games around the Hub grounds, having fun on the beach, jumping on bounce castles, biking at Spencer Park and waterpistol shootouts. Now we are delighting in the silence and calm at the Hub until 3pm when the children are dropped off by the school van for the afternoon OSCAR programme.
Please, note that we still have some spaces in our After School Programme for students from Te Waka Unua School and from Christchurch East School.Please, note that we still have some spaces in our After School Programme for students from Te Waka Unua School and from Christchurch East School.The artists from Ōtautahi Creative Spaces (Room 5) are back and have started spreading their creativity around together with the dedicated potters from Room 7. The amazing singers from The Muse (Room 6) cheer up our days and nights while the working bees from the Community Garden and the Refugees make our flowerbeds thrive, while the ICEcycles (Room 8) folk fix bikes for the community. This month we are also welcoming a new group joining the Hub: Purapura Whetu (Room 3), we are so excited to have you on board!

I connect therefore I am
The 3Cs Internet Café is now open again (no charge) for the community to surf on the Net and socially connect and – from 9th February – every Thursday from 1pm to 3pm, Roger, a volunteer from Addington.net, will be in the Computer Room available to those who have doubts and concerns with their electronic devices (laptops, smartpho
nes and tablets). Come to Room 2 to learn more.

More please…
We think it would be great to have more going on here. We have ideas but we would really like to hear from you. What would you like to see happening here at the Phillipstown Community Hub? Please, tell us by filling in the survey in! We look froward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!!

Remember, we are waiting for you to join us here at the Hub!
Ka kite,Viviana
Phillipstown Community Hub Co-ordinator

The Spring Gala is around the corner!

The amazing, fantastic, startling, sparkling Phillipstown Community Festival is so close that we are already excited!

Phillipstown Community Hub, Spring Gala. Community Festival

Phillipstown Community Hub, Spring Gala. Community Festival

Come along
Saturday 19 November 2016
from 12pm to 3pm
and enjoy our Gala

There will be plenty to do, see and eat. All free and accessible!
There will be a bouncy castle, ponies and a mobile farm, balloons, face painting and lots of fun games and activities for kids and families. There will also be entertainment for adults – music, art and pottery sessions; different workshops in stone carving, making bread, and menZ shed. Bring your bike along to be fixed by our amazing ICEcycles!

Come at midday for the first edition of the Touch Rugby Tournament at the Phillipstown Community Hub, a one off match that will see the

Phillipstown Residents Team
Phillipstown Police Team

The winners will be awarded with the amazing Big Pottery Cup! Come and support the teams !

The Community Gala is a great opportunity to get together with neighbours, friends, local community groups and people of Phillipstown.
So come on down and join with us in the fun at the Hub (the former Phillipstown School grounds) 39 Nursery Rd.


Spring is in the air

Fruit trees at the Phillipstown Community Hub

With the first of September, we can officially wave goodbye to Winter and welcome the arrival of Spring! It could still be cold sometimes, grey and cloudy, but the days have been lengthening and we can smell the crisp scent of springtime.

And with the arrival of the nice season, what’s happening at the Hub?
Billions of things, of course! Would you like me to name some of them? Sure!

Last week, for example, our Community Garden was gifted with 16 amazing fruit trees. The heritage apple and peach trees were donated by the “Food Resilience Network-Heritage Tree Crop Association” and were planted in the front garden by our volunteers on a very cold and windy day. The planting had been facilitated by the Corrections: they dug all the holes making life easier!
The trees look perfect for the Hub: they are “heritage trees” to preserve the tradition; they are beautiful, colourful and useful because they make this place nicer, more welcoming and give to our people delicious fruits; and – finally – they are kid-friendly: small and short – 2 meters when fully grown – to let the children reach to pick.

To tell you the whole truth, the fruit trees were exactly what the Community Garden volunteers had been dreaming of in order to make their green project perfect: not only vegetables and plants but now some fruits too!

Doesn’t it sound fantastic?
If you want to know more about the Community Garden, its history and its people, watch the video interview in exclusive for the Phillipstown Community Hub!

Wake up after the winter!

Like Grizzly bears which wake up after sleeping the winter away into their caves, with the arrival of Springtime, we finally re-discover the simple pleasure of going out and enjoy outdoor activities. So make the effort of coming to the Hub because the Phillipstown Community Hub can offer you so many opportunities to socialize, meet people, being healthy and fit and appreciate life.

And regarding being healthy and fit, don’t forget that the Hub is one of the distribution points of the Affordable Fruit and Vegetable Group. Everyone is welcome – there are no restrictions on who can join, or how many bags you get a week and you don’t have to buy every week – all you have to do is choose between a Family Bag ($12) or a Single Bag ($6) and, then, come and pick them up.
Are you not part yet of the Affordable Fruit and Vegetable Group? Are you interested? You can find more details on the WebSite or, if you prefer, come along at the Hub: it would be the perfect excuse to have a look around our amazing place and all the activities happening here!

Like what? Like the Healthy Hearts, Heathy Homes for example, or the Sit and Be Fit, just to return to the initial subject!
They are our “fitness whanau”: the first one is a warm, welcoming and inclusive community fitness group, ideal for mums with pre-schoolers and babies. The workouts are a mix between strengthening using your own body weight, light hand weights and cardio. All this just for $2 per session (or $3.50 class & fat burning, energising tea, $5 class & nutritional recovery shake, $7 class, tea & shake).
Sit and Be Fit is run by our lovely Janet who leads her elderly people through gentle exercises in order to improve and enrich their quality of life ($2 donation).

And for those keen on squad sports, we have a huge field that can be used to coach (kids, teenagers or adults) teams or simply play with your children and friends.
Because here at the Phillipstown Community Hub we care about your well-being!


Five reasons to drop in to the Phillipstown Hub

Five reasons to drop in to the Phillipstown Hub

MaryAnn 217Do you remember Phillipstown Primary School?
Yes, you are right, it’s gone: it closed at the end of 2104, and merged with Woolston School to become Te Waka Unua.
But do you know what is going on now at that place? Are you aware that from the ashes of the old school a Community Hub has risen?
Phillipstown Community Hub is a thriving place, inspiring and energizing. It is a green, welcoming and friendly spot where people gather together to enjoy, socialize and relax over a cup of coffee, or join in various activities. In the last eighteen months, Phillipstown Hub has become home for many community focused groups and organizations. Come on in and visit us, get to know what’s on offer here.
Why should you come? For, at least five different, great reasons:

1. Free the artist inside you!

Do you love ART, MUSIC or POTTERY? Would you like to unleash your creativity? At the Hub you can probably find what you are looking for by joining our artistic groups (check our Calendar or Events!). All meetings are very well attended, tutoring is great and the network with other artists makes it all more exciting.
This is the place I need for my art and for getting in contact with good people.
I have been through a lot of changes since I started coming here, I am more active than in the past, I meet people, I feel a sense of identity and I have security in myself.
I like myself more than in the past.
[one of the people attending the art class]
The art teachers are awesome. They have helped challenge my fears.
[one of the people attending the art class]

2. Be fit for Summertime (it is coming …) !

Feeling good about ourselves and our body is one of most important ways to raise our self-esteem. It is not about fitness, or at least, it is not just about it: we are speaking about being healthy. Fruit, vegetables and regular activity are the keys and we can provide them. Mums meet here for their fitness sessions in a child friendly environment, while elderly people meet together to have gentle exercises (Sit and Be Fit!). And before going home, perhaps by bike, don’t forget your bags of fruit and veggies from our Affordable Fruit and Veges Group!
In addition, as the ancient Romans used to say, Healthy Mind in Healthy Body! Therefore, to help you to have a confident and well-balanced state of mind, you can come here for positive and caring groups for all ages and genders.

The people here are supportive, interested, friendly, willing to help.
When I come here, it sounds stupid maybe, but I feel like I’m at home.
Here is welcoming and accessible for me.
[one of the people attending the art class]

3. Such amazing people!

It’s the people who make Phillipstown Community Hub such a special place: those organizing and delivering services and activities and those attending them. It is a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment open to people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and ages: men (Man Up), youth (Operation Hope), mums (and bubs), mums from a migrant or refugee background, refugees in general, elderly people and kids (Phillipstown Community Center with the OSCAR and the Older Adult Leisure Group), people socially isolated or with mental health issues. At any time of the day, you are likely to find some activity running. Our staff and volunteers are friendly and helpful.

The number and the diversity of groups and activities are really astonishing!
[one of the ladies from the Older Adults Leisure Group]
The Hub is a safe place to go, with nice, friendly people. They’re similar to me. They want to do art, and when I come here I forget that I’ve got a mental illness.
[one of the people attending the art class]

4. A big green lung!

The Phillipstown Community Hub is set in a beautiful and green environment. We have a garden with benches and trees and a huge back field where the community is more than welcome to come and play with kids, play games, have picnics and enjoy their spare time. And if you like gardening, there is also a Community Garden to grow vegetables, share skills and have a cup of coffee and a chat.

The thing that I most like is the opportunity to socialize while gardening.
[one volunteer at the Community Garden]
This is a friendly, safe, welcoming and busy place. I feel home, here.
[one of the ladies from the Older Adults Leisure Group]
It is a neutral place, at walking distance from home!
[Mums from the Mums and Bubs Group]

5. Police have biscuits!

At the Phillipstown Community Hub the Phillipstown Neighbourhood Policing Teamhas a dedicated, confidential space. Drop in to report issues or to discuss any matters of concern. Our PNPT run their job with commitment and passion to ensure that members of our community can “Be safe – Feel safe”.

The Police here at the Hub are not the police-police, they are the police you can hug.
[kids at the Phillipstown Community Festival 2016]
Watch Sgt. Michael Kingston’s exclusive video-interview for the Hub!

6. So many ideas, so many new projects are waiting for you all!

Sorry, I declared I wanted to introduce you to the five reasons why you should come and visit the Phillipstown Community Hub, but here is the sixth. This is the ultimate one, the one that can summarize all the others and that will overcome all resistance! We are a vibrant and energetic place, we have ideas, we have energies, we have projects. We have been running loads of activities and delivering heaps of services in the last year and we are committed in improving what we can offer. We are planning an Internet Community Café, Adult Literacy Classes, a Menz Shed, an indoor sport facility, BBQs areas just to name some…

So, don’t you think the Phillipstown Community Hub is worth a visit?
We are waiting for you!