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Police have biscuits!

Change at the PNPT helm! There has been, recently, a change at the helm of the Phillipstown Neighborhood Policing Team. We are sad to see Todd Webley leave after 5 years with us: we will miss him and we want to acknowledge the excellent work of the team under...

Is it Great Living Here?

Yes! "It's Great to live here" Expo! Next Monday, 1st August 2016, come to Eastgate Shopping Mall and discover what's happening in your area. The “It’s Great To Live Here” Expo will host loads of Groups and Organizations present in the Ward! There will be people,...

Phillipstown Engagement Process

Kia ora Phillipstown Residents, To date, the Phillipstown Community Hub has been running for more than a year and in this time there has been so much that we have achieved that we can celebrate, but it is also time that we look back and think what more we can do and...

School Holiday Programme

Do you need your children cared for the school holidays? The Oscar-approved holiday programmes for primary children, here at the Phillipstown Community Centre, are inexpensive, varied, safe and, most importantly, loads of fun. Our June programme (11-22 June 2016)...

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