Fruit trees at the Phillipstown Community Hub

With the first of September, we can officially wave goodbye to Winter and welcome the arrival of Spring! It could still be cold sometimes, grey and cloudy, but the days have been lengthening and we can smell the crisp scent of springtime.

And with the arrival of the nice season, what’s happening at the Hub?
Billions of things, of course! Would you like me to name some of them? Sure!

Last week, for example, our Community Garden was gifted with 16 amazing fruit trees. The heritage apple and peach trees were donated by the “Food Resilience Network-Heritage Tree Crop Association” and were planted in the front garden by our volunteers on a very cold and windy day. The planting had been facilitated by the Corrections: they dug all the holes making life easier!
The trees look perfect for the Hub: they are “heritage trees” to preserve the tradition; they are beautiful, colourful and useful because they make this place nicer, more welcoming and give to our people delicious fruits; and – finally – they are kid-friendly: small and short – 2 meters when fully grown – to let the children reach to pick.

To tell you the whole truth, the fruit trees were exactly what the Community Garden volunteers had been dreaming of in order to make their green project perfect: not only vegetables and plants but now some fruits too!

Doesn’t it sound fantastic?
If you want to know more about the Community Garden, its history and its people, watch the video interview in exclusive for the Phillipstown Community Hub!

Wake up after the winter!

Like Grizzly bears which wake up after sleeping the winter away into their caves, with the arrival of Springtime, we finally re-discover the simple pleasure of going out and enjoy outdoor activities. So make the effort of coming to the Hub because the Phillipstown Community Hub can offer you so many opportunities to socialize, meet people, being healthy and fit and appreciate life.

And regarding being healthy and fit, don’t forget that the Hub is one of the distribution points of the Affordable Fruit and Vegetable Group. Everyone is welcome – there are no restrictions on who can join, or how many bags you get a week and you don’t have to buy every week – all you have to do is choose between a Family Bag ($12) or a Single Bag ($6) and, then, come and pick them up.
Are you not part yet of the Affordable Fruit and Vegetable Group? Are you interested? You can find more details on the WebSite or, if you prefer, come along at the Hub: it would be the perfect excuse to have a look around our amazing place and all the activities happening here!

Like what? Like the Healthy Hearts, Heathy Homes for example, or the Sit and Be Fit, just to return to the initial subject!
They are our “fitness whanau”: the first one is a warm, welcoming and inclusive community fitness group, ideal for mums with pre-schoolers and babies. The workouts are a mix between strengthening using your own body weight, light hand weights and cardio. All this just for $2 per session (or $3.50 class & fat burning, energising tea, $5 class & nutritional recovery shake, $7 class, tea & shake).
Sit and Be Fit is run by our lovely Janet who leads her elderly people through gentle exercises in order to improve and enrich their quality of life ($2 donation).

And for those keen on squad sports, we have a huge field that can be used to coach (kids, teenagers or adults) teams or simply play with your children and friends.
Because here at the Phillipstown Community Hub we care about your well-being!